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Katrin is gorgeous. Inside and out. I’ve had the privilege of being a regular for almost 2 years, and have gotten to know her well over this time.
First thing that strikes you when you meet Katrin is her a physical beauty. She is very pretty, with an amazing body. Then she disarms you with her casual but very engaging manner - her smile, her accent, friendly chat. If you’re not enamoured already by now, then you might want to check your pulse!
Of course there is the intimacy - which is completely out of this world. You would be hard pressed to find anyone more sensuous and passionate, and all the while being very real. Over our many sessions, we’ve engaged in everything from sensual massage to blissful GFE. And it is special every single time! This is because she gives 100% of herself. She completely invests in you. I’ve never once felt that she was just going through the motions.
It’s also always nice to listen to her stories and getting to know her fascinating life. She is genuine and down to earth. You feel really connected.
If Katrin comes across as a rare find, that’s because she is. Just treat her with respect and have some basic courtesy, and you find yourself in the company of an amazing woman that you can’t help but want to return to over and over again!



You must be some sort of angel or magician. Today was sooo amazing!Thank you for providing that safe space with no judgement. And making me feel so at ease about something I wasn't sure about the reaction I'd get. This really means a lot.Really appreciate you making the time for me today. I know it's a service and a financial transaction. But this is not something I take for granted. Especially when you do so with so much kindness and empathy. Thank you so much!



I have had several private bookings with the lovely Katrin and every time I have left with a smile on my face. She is a sultry, sexy and very cheeky redhead from Czech Republic. She is fun, flirty and very chatty and her gorgeous European body will drive you wild. If you are a nervous first timer I definitely recommend Katrin as she has a fantastic ability to take the lead and make you feel special. Treat her with respect and you will be rewarded!



Thank you dear for a perfect end to my week.. you really blew my mind. I enjoyed every minute I was there. Even I could not dream of something that good. Thank you! Take care and have a good night.



I had the extraordinarily good fortune to spend some time with Katrin this week. She is so generous of spirit, humour, care, affection, and fun I feel blessed to have met her. Sexy and crazy in equal measure she is a force of nature to be reckoned with. Hopefully I will see you again sometimes.



Katrin provided the most gentle, sensual introduction to female intimacy. Curiosity led me to Katrin and it was an amazing experience. The most relaxing and exhilarating massage you will ever have. Treat yourself ladies to Katrin’s experience and pleasure.



An amazing hour was had with Katrin recently. She is very welcoming and accommodating with a beautiful infectious smile that you won’t forget in a hurry. It is always a little daunting meeting for the first time, but with Katrin it felt so natural and easy to get along. Excellent massage skills top it off. I will be back Katrin. Keep smiling!



I hope you realise how good you are. Completely transformed my day from one with a dark cloud over my head to one with so much positive vibes. Really appreciate you sharing your inspiring stories and words of wisdom. You're a beautiful soul. Thank you



Wow! Spent some time with Katherine on Saturday and truly felt I had died and gone to heaven. She is beautiful, sexy, cheeky, fun and just lovely and of course gives a great massage….



Thank you so much Katrin. You made me feel so good in every way possible, amazing! Everything about you is sexy, relaxing and fun.



I had my second massage with Catherine last night, and again she just wildly exceeded my expectations, and was absolutely amazing, so sensual, cheeky and very erotic …. she knows just how to use her lean fit body …. will certainly be back … thanks Catherine (again) for an amazing experience (again)

Happy client


It was lovely to meet you today, Katrin. So good to be in the company of such a gorgeous and happy person. Thank you for making the time. And for the amazing experience! Hope to catch up again soon.