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Please read all my website pages completely prior to booking.

Thank you.

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I will see clients of all ages (18+), ethnicity, religion & professions. 

However, I expect all my clients to be a complete gentleman - RESPECTFUL, POLITE and have good personal HYGIENE.

I am happy to see people of all sizes shapes, don’t be shy.

I am also delighted to meet new clients who may have never visited an escort/masseuse before or may not have experienced the wonders of erotic world.  I am a loving, patient and experienced  teacher and I am sure you will be comfortable to let me guide you on a first journey of intimate discovery.

For me what is important is who you are inside and how you treat me, I don´t “judge people by their cover”.

If you disrespect my rules, are rude or pushy, ask for unprotected sexual services or otherwise make me lose trust in you your booking will be cancelled without refund - By making this reservation you agree with this rule.

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Let’s explore an unlimited world of erotic fantasy together.

Get in touch with me today & make your dreams happen!

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