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Hello all my dears,

I have a special announcement for you all.

My heart is calling for new adventures & new challenges again - the same heart call made me move unacceptably to Australia 5y ago. I plan to leave Sydney and becoming a working nomad travelling around Australia for a few months. After I plan to settle down somewhere in Australia that feels like home, whilst I try to get residency and stay in this wonderful country for ever.

I really enjoy touring; this allows me to get back into to my favourite outdoor activities which I use to do often before covid. I thoroughly believe this lifestyle is the best decision for my mental health, especially following a few not-so-great life events over the last two and a half years.

I was hoping to make this move in a couple of months’ time, however the atmosphere in Sydney has become increasingly stressful and it has unfortunately had an impact on my sensitive soul.

After continuous problems with my real estate agent, my patience has been tested. In this last week, I decided to speed up the process and have decided to take the leap to leave. It will be stressful getting everything organised in just 5 short weeks. This includes seeing my doctors, selling a lot of my belongings and doing a radical downsizing of my life- all whilst packing and moving what I do choose to keep into storage. When I return from Adelaide, I also need to sell my car to hopefully find a larger one to be able to pack all my essentials so I can take it on the road with me!

This decision feels uncomfortable and scary. I have never lived or travelled without a safe space to come home to, but I am believe that it will be the best thing for me long term.

My incall availability in Sydney will only be until the 23rd of July, and I will be able to do outcalls until the 25th of July. If you were intending on booking me or hoping to see me again, now is the time to prebook. My time will be limited as I am sure you can imagine; I have a lot of tasks to complete.

I am looking forward to meeting many new faces around the country.

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone I have met in Sydney during my time here. I love this city and I am so grateful for my experiences.

With love Katrin xx



1) Please gentleman, I ask that you leave your names and locations under this blog or send me text with proper etiquette to request a visit to your town. If there is significant interest, I will add your town to my nomad adventure!

Please note that I won't text you when I arrive in your town unless you specifically ask me to. The best way to keep up to date on my travels will be via my website on the tour page.

2) Any workers who are on also on a nomad adventure around Australia or have done so in the past I would love to hear your experiences! If anyone has any tips on what to do, see and be wary of, I would be eternally grateful.

If any worker who may be travelling and renting their own incall space for a few days, please get in contact as I am willing to discuss a possible shared arrangement if this could work for both of us.

3) If anyone has any must see nature or adventure experiences that I cannot miss anywhere in this beautiful country I would love to hear about it, and truly appreciate all your thoughtful recommendations.

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