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More into my heart...

Updated: Apr 1


My purpose is to bring happiness and joy to someone's life each day - make them smile, happier or help.


1. Residency

I love my beautiful country and also I would like to call Australia my home.

2. Take a mortgage and buy an apartment

I want to have a worry - free life in my own place.

3. Travel more again

I would love to explore places like Africa - to see elephants, hippos and Mount Kilimanjaro.

I also want to visit Canada, South America, Antarctica and the Maldives.


MY DREAMS - as I get older/more settled 

2. Buy empty land and convert back it into a forest to provide a home for wild animals.

3. Adopt a teenager or help someone who just left a child shelter by providing support and giving them the best start to adult life.

4. Purchase a holiday home at Ningaloo Reef.

5. Obtain a boat license.

"No worries, I understand that I don't want it in small amounts." - it's just me and my big picture of where I would like my future heading.

What are yours?

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